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Stress free dressage workshop, april 8 2019 with Rupert Isaacson.

A whole day of a diversity of beings; humans, horses, dogs, babies, sheep and even a rabbit entered the arena. And that diversity created harmony on that beautiful sunny day.

Meeting ‘old friends’ and new ones, sharing stories and laughs. The allowance of what the day will bring. A smile, a touch, hugs, sharing pens and paper and taking care of each other created a sense of kindness. With these ingredients of the simple things in life Rupert took off with the theory of stress free dressage. Time flies when you listen to someone who let his talents do the work. The choice of changing plans bumped us directly into the next talent; the home made soup from Carola’s neighbour.

After lunchtime till early evening the hours were filled with horses, learning, growing and talents popping up. Again the simple things in life, the great environment, the eagerness to learn, the encouragements and acknowledging ones talents, created an atmosphere of expansion in the uniqueness of each being.

Does this sound familiar? Does this sound like Horse Boy Method for horses and humans who are putting themselves into service of the more vulnerable?

When the frequency is rising in the consciousness of timing. Knowing when to encourage that one gets the courage to show their talent, knowing when it’s time for release, knowing when to wait, being in the allowance of the rhythm of universe, magic happens…

And being on that frequency of magic, there is an unlimited communication, an unlimited connection between two beings who share their talents and gifts. A give and receive, a kind of easiness,pureness and vulnerability.

And being on that frequency, is that the space where healing is? Is that the space where talents develop and gifts are found? Is that the space of joy?

For me, I am grateful seeing those moments pop up, being in that frequency and allow the joy.

For me, I feel humble being around beings who make the impossible possible.

For me, I thank all of you for your talents and gifts…

Ellen S.