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I think Rupert may be a genius in taking something that's very difficult to understand and explaining it - I have an understanding now of dressage and the language that is used.  It was was so well taken apart and pieced together - I found on my second day I knew what I was looking at when we watched him ride his Grand Prix horse and I was able to decifer a romber into an extended trot and why - almost without thinking.

I am usually a slow and steady learner so to have taken so much in in such a short space of time is impressive to me and so much fun.  It certainly has taken the stress out of dressage for me.  Even though I had ridden dressage when I evented it remained a mystery to me.

Rupert seemed to teach us like he teaches his horses with a gentle rythmn, with kindness, with confidence in us, with heart.  We gently rose to his level in some way and I found myself absorbing and enjoying every moment!