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Online Courses

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We strongly suggest you start by downloading our Free E-Book (must be registered user) which gives you all the preliminary information you need to start understanding the Classical System.

Once you have downloaded the Free E-Book, continue by taking our Stress Free Dressage Intro Modules in the Home Study Course. To take these online courses you must be a Premium Member and logged into your account. 

Live Workshops

New Trails - Elgin, TX

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If you rather participate in Live Workshops using our Schoolmaster horses we do offer Stress Free Dressage Intro at New Trails in Texas and a few other locations. Details on dates, prices, and course content here. Accommodations are available on property. 


New Trails - Elgin, TX

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Once you have gained a good understanding of the system and progression there are various Stress Free Dressage Instructors available that we can recommend who have the right schoolmaster horses and also the compassion and patience needed to teach kindly and effectively.

To find instructors check out our available lessons at our headquarters in Texas or check here for other locations.

Remember it’s really easy to fall into the ‘regular lesson trap’ - going round after round without much result, and getting stuck at the lower levels for years. Even some of the best teachers can fall into this trap – forgetting that lessons structured into one third lunge, one third in-hand and one third ridden, will always yield the most clarity and progress. If you ever feel stuck, simply go back to our online Home Study Course to gain more clarity and then talk to your teacher about how best to adapt to this approach.

Immersion Packages

New Trails - Elgin, TX

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Immersionas are ALWAYS the best way to learn. With schoolmaster horses over as much time as you can get away with. 3-7 day immersions once every three months to supplement your regular lessons is ideal. Check out available Immersion Packages for New Trails (check this page for available accommodiations) or our other locations

Horse Training

New Trails - Elgin, TX

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We have very limited full time training opportunities. Horses in full training with the Stress Free Dressage team will be taken throught the System in a very structured way and the training speed will be adapted to each individual horse. All horses will be lunged, worked in hand and ridden, unless previous injury prevents a horse to participate in part of the system. In that case we will subsitute with other training methods to help the horse reach it's full potential i.e. a horse with previous tendon issues or arthritis might not be able to be lunged but can reach a similar effect through long lining. To learn more about our Horse Training Program check out this page

Working Students

New Trails - Elgin, TX

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We have limited working student positions available. We do offer working students programs for locals as well as out of town clients. Check out this page for details. Accommodtions are available at our BnB.