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Helios Riding In Harmony

Shedding light on a Forgotten System to bring rider and horse joy

Our courses are currently under construction. We are busy filming and writing content. Please come back often and check back for new content. Nothing of what you see here is in it's final version. Rather it is the bits of content that we have completed. Many, many more hours of videos are in production and will be added over the next few months.

We are also intending to make our content available with German subtiles here.

Free Introduction Course

Free Introduction Course

This course is open to anybody curious to find out what Helios Harmony is about. It gives you a brief insight to what, what we call "The Forgotten System" is and how it will help you and your horse find happiness and joy no matter in what discipline.

19 lessons 3 hours Beginner
7 lessons Beginner
Helios Training ‘schedule’: Preparation of the Horse's Body and Mind

Helios Training ‘schedule’: Preparation of the Horse's Body and Mind

This is a 6 week sample schedule to get your horse mentally an physically ready and fit for the more the dressage work. This program will also be part of our main course, but while we are developing content this is something you can get started with right now.

What this program does is prepare a horse and rider with little or no background in dressage for working a horse in rhythm and contact. Once you and the horse get familiar with the program you will be ready to start learning dressage.

Why bother?

Because this way it will be safer, feel more beautiful and will allow you and the horse to be more versatile and to serve the children better. It’s also FUN. Think of it all as a game and also as a series of keys to various doors that will eventually take you into some extremely cool stuff. Doing it this way is stress free.

Once you get to the end of this program, you’ll need to start working with an instructor but these exercises can be done solo. Think of it like learning basic cords on a guitar or basic grammar of a language. At a certain point anyone learning a new skill needs a mentor. These exercises will help you and the horse be ready when that mentor appears.

Before you begin any of this, stand in a relaxed pose put your arms straight out then bring them in to your body so that you hug yourself. As you hug yourself, say ‘I’m really cool for wanting to learn some complicated stuff. And I’m brave to begin.’ Promise yourself that you won’t beat yourself up if it takes a bit of time to learn these exercises. Promise to be kind to yourself and that if it starts to go a bit wrong to simply stop, give yourself some compassion and start again. It will come. Don’t worry; we are only monkeys sitting on zebras. Make a deal with yourself to be kind to yourself and to not mind if it takes a while to learn something new.

20 lessons 15 hours Intermediate
A Roadmap From In Hand Beginnings To Piaffe

A Roadmap From In Hand Beginnings To Piaffe

No matter what discipline your ride you want a balanced horse. You want a safe horse. You want a horse that says YES! and is always up for new adventures.

You want a horse that can be both a performance horse and a family horse.

In short you want a horse that can be an extension of your thoughts and body while at the same time being able to freely express itself.

Finally, you want a horse that has complete wellness in mind and body, and which imparts the same wellness and joy to you.

This roadmap will help you and your horse get there.

Think about the horse training in the same way that you would think about martial arts training. Some of it is for fitness, wellness, suppleness, and strength. Sone of it is training of the mind and emotions.

As in martial arts there is a very logical progression through different levels that correspond to the different color belts in martial arts.

At the end of the colored belts you get the black belt. After the blackbelt there is of course any amount of decades of mastering – what martial artists call the dans. But you need to get to the blackbelt as a base minimum and once you have the blackbelt you really do have a level of competence and freedom that most other people just don’t have.

So, in this course we start with the green horse and we take this horse through a serious of levels to eventually achieve the piaffe, which is the equine equivalent of the black belt.

Most people think of the piaffe as something unachievable, but in fact it’s something every horse does in nature and when the horse can do this under a rider, at the riders command, both horse and rider can move in 3 dimensions and the horse can become an extension of the riders thoughts and body.

20 lessons 20 hours Intermediate
The History of the Horse and Riding

The History of the Horse and Riding

In this section we will be discussing the history of horse and riding and how it influences us today.

11 lessons 50 minutes Beginner